Friday, September 09, 2011

SuperGoober: One of Groundspeak's Featured Cachers of the Month

Congratulations to SuperGoober (Jeff) for being named one of Groundspeak's Featured Cachers of the Month! This is a well-deserved recognition. In addition to what The Weasel wrote to nominate him, I'll add my two cents. SuperGoober is a super choice. I have corresponded with him many times over the years as he asked questions about unusual and creative caches he was thinking about placing. He has hosted lots of geocaching events and has been a leader in working with land managers to create special educational events that call attention to public lands and geocaching in general. I’ve had the pleasure of hiking with him on one of his "The Seige" cache hunts that he has organized. I’ve always found him to be super courteous and super friendly, even when he asked me for advice about how to deal with occasional poor behavior on the part of other geocachers. A true geocaching leader and gentleman. Two thumbs up.