Saturday, February 11, 2006

A thank-you for a cache denial

IowaAdmin's Geocaching Blog
It's rare that a geocacher will thank a reviewer for turning down a new cache listing, but that's exactly what happened yesterday. When I recently reviewed a cached placed in the Scott Wildlife Management Area, I posted a note to the owner asking if he had received permission from the Iowa DNR. In the meantime, I archived the listing. Yesterday the cache owner emailed this to me:

"Greetings, Ken the IowaAdmin ---
This is to let you know that I did not receive permission to place my geocache in the Scott WMA. I actually had a friendly chat with the local land manager. He patiently explained the reasons for denial of permission to me. We continued talking about geocaching and he suggested a number of possible sites in western Mills County. I'll check these out. So, I withdraw my request for approval of this cache.
Thanks for keeping this geocacher out of trouble."

It's so nice when everyone helps make the process work like it's supposed to, and we all do our part to protect and promote geocaching by being courteous and respectful.


WindChill said...

Pretty cool that he actually went to talk to the ranger instead of just dropping it when you asked.

fishpounder said...

And a big "attta-boy" to the DNR land manager for encouraging the sport. Not just a decline of permission - but a "how about placing one here". I, for one, give my thanks.

IowaAdmin said...

You are so right, fishpounder.