Sunday, March 12, 2006

A day for hides?

Looks like snow and rain over the western half of the state today, but there may be geocaching activity in the east because of milder temperatures and (so far) no rain, so it's hard to predict how many new geocaches may show up in the Iowa queue today. Just for fun, I'll predict there will be four new caches submitted today. Check back to see how close my guess is.


WindChill said...

Hmmm, I predict more. Yesterday was beautiful so I figure people went out and placed the caches yesterday but wont get them submitted till today.

fishpounder said...

Well I placed three today---- but sorry Ken, they won't show in your queue 'cause they are temps for the Cache Bash 2006 at Jester Park. Although I did scope a couple spots that may become permanent afterwards. Got home and found a couple more for the Ames area that I need to work in sometime.