Sunday, October 22, 2006

Why geocaches are discouraged under bridges

We have a number of geocaches placed under bridges in Iowa. Of the ones I approved, it's because the owner has assured me that the bridge is part of a hiking/biking trail or it is in a rural area that doesn't see much traffic. However, as a general rule, caches under bridges are discouraged because bridges could be possible terrorist targets. If you need more convincing, here's an article that points out what can happen. (Thanks to fellow reviewer Hemlock for bringing this article to my attention.)


willowmh said...

I live in Idaho ( born and raised in Iowa ) and was camping and deer/elk hunting a few miles from here the day this took place. ( I was actually within sight of that bridge the day before and did think to myself-- wow wouldn't that be a neat place..... )
I do not know the cacher that placed that cache, but it was an absolute mess. The main north/south highway in the state blocked for HOURS! Traffic was backed up for miles and there was talk for a while about the cacher facing criminal charges as well as civil claims! The cacher was fortunate that the fines were relatively light.

Team Gamsci said...

I would love to read this article, but it seems to have been removed or not working right now. Could it be linked elsewhere or archived somewhere that somebody knows of? Thanks.

IowaAdmin said...

Thanks for pointing out the broken link. I did a little searching and found a link that should work again.