Friday, December 29, 2006

What a December!

I don't know why it's happening, but this has been a crazy month for new caches. I have already approved more than 130 new cache listings in Iowa during December, in addition to a number that have been archived, plus lots of contact with geocachers about one thing or another. Maybe it's because we haven't had much snow yet combined with the annual Christmas surge of new GPS units in the hands of newbies. Whatevever the reason, there's been no let up during the past few weeks. I hope you're enjoying new cache finds in your area.


welch said...

You may have posted this somewhere in this blog already, but whats a 'normal' amount of caches for a month??


IowaAdmin said...

I was trying to find an accurate answer to welch's question by looking for a file in a forum of, but it looks like the site is too busy to access right now. Until I can access more precise information, I provide a guess that there are an average of 50 new caches per month in Iowa.