Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Kayakers' paradise

We returned on Sunday from our week-long vacation in the Apostle Islands. As it turned out, two of the places where we stayed had wifi so I was able to keep up with the cache reviews until last week Thursday. The final place, DePerry's on Lake Superior, which is about 4 miles north of Bayfield, Wis., did not have wifi, but we agreed it was our favorite place to stay during the trip. The weather was ideal and it was a great experience. Some stats:
  • 7 days of paddling
  • 88 miles
  • 9 islands landed on
  • 3 lighthouses toured
  • 1 bear encounter (nothing serious; he/she ran away after we stared each other down)
  • Many bald eagles, loons, mergansers, pelicans
  • Many sea caves entered
I had our GPSr with us to record each day's track, then imported the tracks into Google Earth. Here's the satellite view:And here are a few shots from water level:


Sonny and Sandy said...

Ooooh. That look like SUCH a cool paddling vacation!!!

welch said...

So did find any geocaches via kayak? The maps seems to show a few near some of the shore landings.


IowaAdmin said...

I loaded a number of geocaches into the GPS before we headed up there, but the only one we looked for was Tragedy of the Siskiwit (http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=8ee0f197-1ceb-4c1f-af21-618b60678819) We kayaked right past Point Detour (http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=1dece9c3-6fd6-42c8-ad90-9a46019e3abc), which was placed by my friend Yawningdog, but it was near the end of a long day of padddling and we didn't realize we had passed it until later when we were beached.

juliecache said...

Cool pics and nice to see you post about tracks. I also have a post about tracking and "track back" at my blog: juliecache.blogspot.com

Awesome to have you on podcacher!