Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How to know if your new cache is 528 ft from others

After I couldn’t immediately approve his cache last week, a geocacher asked how he’s supposed to know if there are multicache waypoints that are too close to the new cache he just placed and submitted.

There are two ways to find out. First, you could find all the nearby multis within two miles and keep a record of the coordinates for each waypoint. The reason I say two miles is because that’s the maximum distance that waypoints of multicaches and puzzle caches are supposed to be from the original listed coordinates on the cache page. If there are a lot of geocaches in the same area as your new cache, and if a lot of those are multis or mystery caches, there’s a good chance that your geocache is closer than 528 ft. from one of the waypoints. And if those waypoints are actual physical caches, then they need to be at least 528 ft. away from your cache.

A second and easier method is to record the coordinates of your proposed new cache location and submit them on a new cache page. But be sure to write a reviewer note stating that the cache is not yet in place and that you just want to see if this location is available. That way I can easily check it against the Geocaching.com database and let you know if that spot is OK. If it’s not, I can suggest which direction you may want to move it, or if it might be better to choose a new location all together.


Tom said...

Sometimes the coordinates for puzzle caches use a good spot for a real cache or are within 528 feet of a good spot. Is there any provision for allowing a real physical cache to be closer than 1/10 mile to a puzzle cache's listing (but no cache at that site) coordinates?

IowaAdmin said...

Yes, if there is no actual physical cache at a given waypoint, then actual physical caches -- whether they be intermediate waypoints or final caches -- can be placed closer than 528 ft to the listed coordinates of a puzzle cache (for example).