Thursday, February 05, 2009

The day the music died

I'm two days late posting this, but it has now been 50 years since the music died.

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Parabola said...

A co-worker (Timber&Bear) and I where going to look for that cache when we where working up by there for a few week's. This was in 2005 so I don't know if there is still a cache there or not. This week we where going to try for it was my first few finds.

There's a neat virtual there in town that's related to this as well, that was fun to check out. I'll have to look and see, but I remember there was a cache near the little memorial. I think it was we couldn't find the proper way to get there and it was night out and didn't want to cut threw the wrong farmer's field.

Thanks for bringing up, some memories with that as the cache near the memorial was one of the first few cache page's I ever saw.