Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New caches are not "enabled" by default

In case you missed the recent change to the online cache submittal form, when you submit a new cache, it is no longer enabled by default. In the past, when you submitted a new cache, there was a check box at the top of the form to enable the submission. By default it was checked. Now the same check box is farther down on the page below the coordinate entry box and it is NOT checked by default. Until you check this box, your new cache submittal will not show up in the reviewer's list of new caches to review. So far, I have seen postings or received emails from a handful of geocachers who were wondering why their new caches were not reviewed after several days. But I don't think this has been a big problem for Iowa geocachers (probably because the average Iowa geocacher is better at reading instructions than the average non-Iowa geocacher). However, it is apparently a bigger problem for some geocachers elsewhere, as evidenced by a recent string of postings in the forums.

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