Thursday, February 02, 2012

What about requesting a specific date and time to publish a cache?

I wrote about this topic back in November, but I want to revisit it because it came up again in a request from a geocacher this week. While it is possible for reviewers to set a large group of caches for publishing on a certain date in conjunction with an upcoming geocaching event, it requires the reviewer to take a number of steps using the online tools that Groundspeak makes available to reviewers, so here's what I have decided to do. I will set up specific dates and times to publish, but only for "mass" publishing of a number of caches, that is, when event organizers have requested a large number of geocaches to be published on the same date. Additionally, I've found that requesting a specific time is often a hit-or-miss proposition because the system doesn't always publish them exactly when I specify. For those reasons, I can't honor requests for specified publication dates and times for individual geocaches because -- given the online system available to me right now -- it would take up a lot more of my time and it would likely frustrate some geocachers if their caches didn't get published at a specific time after they were led to believe that it would. I hope this helps clarify the situation.

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