Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Are you receiving your emails from

When I review newly submitted geocaches (which is an every day occurrence), I sometimes have to temporarily disable the cache page so I can gather more information or request a change from the cache owner. For example, the cache may be too close (less than 528 feet) from an existing geocache or it may be on property where a geocaching permit is required (such as land managed by the DNR). In those cases I post a reviewer note on the cache page before I disable it. This automatically sends an email to the cache owner. At least it's supposed to. It seems like more and more cache owners -- especially relatively new geocachers -- are either not receiving these emails or they are ignoring them. Over the past few months I have repeatedly posted notes to several different cache owners and then temporarily disabled their cache pages, only to have them reactivate the cache page without responding to my request or questions and without making any change to the coordinates. I'm not sure what the reason is for this. Could it be that more people have tighter spam filters and they don't realize that their cache owner emails from are being blocked or sent to a junk mail folder? My advice: Check the settings in your email program and make sure you are accepting emails from the domain name

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Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

I would be an awesome feature of to implement some sort of notification system within the site for reviewer messages. It wouldn't have to be overly complex, just have a message pop up on all pages if there is a new reviewer note for a cache that user owns.

email, especially ones that are automatically sent, is a less than idea way of getting messages to users - using straw accounts for signups, or having misconfigured SPAM filters, or even some simple server problems, and emails can get lost.

I also find it a disturbing that a hider wouldn't check up on their unpublished caches if they haven't received any updates after a few days, especially if it is happening enough to prompt a blog post. It doesn't speak well for the hiders willingness to keep up with their cache hides.