Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Major promotions coming from Geocaching.com

Geocaching.com will be rolling out three major July/August promotions to encourage people to explore the world around them with friends and family through geocaching.

The public announcement of these promotions will begin shortly. Meanwhile, I have been granted permission to give you a sneak peak. Aren't you glad you checked my blog to see this? :-)  

July 13: Geocaching Get Outdoors Day
Saturday July 13 - It's time to warm up for 31 Days of Geocaching. Join us geocachers from around the world on Saturday July 13 to earn a worldwide souvenir. Log a "Found it" on any geocache type and earn a unique souvenir for Geocaching Get Outdoors Day for your Geocaching profile.

August 1 - 31: 31 Days of Geocaching
Geocaching HQ is challenging people to accomplish a geocaching streak throughout the entire month of August. It's 31 Days of Geocaching. Each day geocachers will have the opportunity to earn a unique calendar styled souvenir representing the date, by logging a Found it or Attended for a geocache.

August 17: International Geocaching Day - The crown jewel of geocaching souvenirs remains the annual International Geocaching Day Souvenir. Join hundreds of thousands of geocachers around the world on International Geocaching Day on August 17. Anyone logging a Found it or Attended on August 17, will earn the International Geocaching Day souvenir. The unique souvenirs will be styled in the theme of the 31 Days of Geocaching souvenirs. It'll also count at the 31 Days of Geocaching promotions souvenir for the 17th of August.

Watch the Geocaching HQ Weekly Newsletter for more details next week!


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