Saturday, January 21, 2006

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New feature at
I just found out about a new feature at that looks pretty cool. It's the ability to add more waypoints to your cache listing when you fill out the form to create a new cache. You can also go back and add waypoints for existing caches that you own. This is also going to be a nice feature for us reviewers because we'll be able to more easily look at all the waypoints for multicache and mystery caches -- making it quicker to approve caches! There's already been some talk among reviewers that they're going to ask anyone submitting a new multi or mystery to use this feature to include the coordinates. I'll probably start doing the same thing -- provided the feature works correctly. I just tried clicking on the link and it seems to be down. :(

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welch said...

I added a bogus hidden point to see what happens. It seemed to work ok.
I'm somewhat confused about the difference between Type, Name, Prefix, and Code (all four must be supplied) though .