Friday, January 27, 2006

One at a time, please

Let's get one approved before another is submitted
Today I reviewed a second cache from a geocacher who still hasn't answered my questions about one he submitted several days ago. What's up with that? So would I approve the second cache while waiting for a response on the first one? Well, I would have, but he had problems with the second one too, so that one is also on hold. It just seems to me that if he had time to log on and fill out the form for a second geocache, he would have noticed that I posted a reviewer's note (which sends an email to his designated geocaching email account) to ask him a question about his previous submission.


WindChill said... have time to hide one cache, let alone two. Here lately Id be happy to have a few minutes to _hunt_ a cache ;)

MasterCacher said...

Do you also approve caches in Wisconsin?

IowaAdmin said...

I have reviewed caches in Wisconsin in the past when the Wisconsin reviewers needed some back-up help. This was a couple of years ago at a time when was just beginning to designated specific geographic areas for reviewers. Prior to that time the entire queue was open for all the reviewers. It still is, technically. (For example, I have the ability to go to a cache awaiting approval in Belgium and mark it as approved, but it would not be the proper thing to do because there is a designated approver for Belgium.) These days I review caches only in Iowa, except when I fill in for vacationing reviewers for other areas.

welch said...

Going off on the review thing... does Minnesota have a 'local' reviewer?

WindChill said...

According to the MnGCA forums (, yes.

welch said...

Thanks windchill. Hadn't visited Mngca recently. I knew in the past their forums had had discussions about gettin a local reviewer, but it never had happend AFAIK. I sometimes wondered why, and the talk about various reviewer made me think of that.