Sunday, April 02, 2006

Now, the answers...

Thanks for the questions posted here yesterday. Volunteer geocoins are on their way to welch and bluedeuce. Now, so as not to keep team gamsci in suspense any longer, here are the answers.

Welch asked: Do you ever try to encourage or discourage certain types of caches?

A: It is rare that I do. However I did just that a couple of days ago when a cache was submitted for a micro at the base of a lamp pole in a parking lot. Before I approved the cache, I posted a note to the owner that he might expect some negative feedback from fellow geocachers about this cache, since some geocachers really dislike these types of drive-up urban micros that don't take you to an interesting place. In general, if a cache meets all the guidelines, it will get approved, no matter the "lameness factor," which I don't feel is my place as a reviewer to judge. Of course, if not approving a cache is considered discouraging it, I will "discourage" caches that are no longer approvable, such as locationless, virtuals and web cam caches.

Bluedeuce asked: How do check the location of cache placements? Do you use the internet based mapquest or purchased mapping software?

A: I use MapQuest, Google maps, Topozone and Terraserver. In recent months I also started using Iowa Geographic Map Server, which is a very handy tool for certain caches. I have not been using purchased mapping software. What do you use?

And lastly, team gamsci asked: Will we get to see the answers on here to the questions?

A: Yes.

Thanks for the questions! Please don't wait for the bribe of a geocoin to ask yours.


Team Gamsci said...

Thanks a bunch! :)

BlueDeuce said...
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BlueDeuce said...

" I have not been using purchased mapping software. What do you use?"

I have both City Select and MS Streets and Trips. Even though CS is the only map that can be loaded into the GPS I like S&T better. It has more detail and the ability to download current road construction areas. That's handy when charting a route.

Of course I wouldn't rely on either one to be the 'final say' when checking park boundries.

welch said...

Thanks for the answer (and the coin :) )

As to the maps, I tend to use just plain mapquest when figuring basic routes and finding general areas of cities or parks. On the gps I use city select :)

Which reminds me, what sort of gps unit do you use IowaAdmin?