Monday, April 10, 2006

State parks managed by counties

This weekend there were two new caches submitted for review called A Grove View and A Large Dead One which are both located in Oak Grove State Park. I wrote to the cache owner and requested that permission be obtained from the Iowa DNR. However, the owner, campingfarmer, correctly pointed out that even though this is a state park, it is managed by the county. He also provided a link to other such parks. As the DNR states at this site: "These parks fall under any rules, fees and regulations established by the county. Please contact the county conservation board listed for more information about a specific park." My thanks to campingfarmer for pointing this out.


WindChill said...

I didnt know we had SP that were managed by a CCB. Thanks for the heads up.

IowaAdmin said...

Yup, that was news to me, too. Seems like a pretty creative cost-savings move by the DNR. I'd be interested to know the story behind how this came about.

--Schnider-- said...

My wife and I just did some caching last Sat. in Swan Lake SP. Managed by the Carroll Co. Cons. Board. Also then on Sun. at Eagle Lake SP managed by the Hancock Co. Cons. Board. So it was really interesting this came up.