Saturday, May 27, 2006

A reminder about adding waypoints

Greetings from sunny (and breezy) Okoboji! I'm logged on to check the cache queue. I was able to approve a couple new ones just now, but for four others I had to post a note to the owners asking them to use the "add/edit waypoint" feature on the edit page to enter the additional waypoints for their multicaches. I know it may take some time for all geocachers to become aware of this new feature, so I'll keep plugging away to get the message out.


welch said...

I have a question about the .1mi guideline and multicaches.
The way I've come to understand it is that each and every part of a multicache must be .1 from all other caches (including tradionals and all parts of other multicaches). However, parts of a multicache CAN be within .1mi of other parts (or stages if you prefer) of the SAME multicache. Is this correct?

I ask because someone was saying recently that they'd had a multicache declined because the parts were less than .1 apart. Before I tell them (again) they must have misunderstood why it was declined I want to check I have it correct...


IowaAdmin said...

My understanding of the guidelines (and if you have better info from Groundspeak, please let me know) is that individual waypoints of multis need to be at least 528' from each other and from other caches. Finals for mystery caches also need the proper spacing. So, yes, individual parts of a multicache need to be at least .1 mile apart.

Back in March, you asked me about a special circumstance in which "virtual" waypoints of your proposed puzzle cache were less than .1 mile apart, and I replied that it seemed OK to me because Geocachers seeking those waypoints will be looking for large rocks and not containers, so they're not likely to mistake one for the other.

The .1 mile separation rule is designed in part to prevent geocachers from thinking they have found one cache when they have actually found another, so that logic applies to waypoints of the same multi.

welch said...

Yes I understand part of the reason for the guideline is to keep people from find one cache while looking for another. And I agree with it, I can imagine such a thing happening especially in places with poor reception. I also with you about the 'virtual' parts of other caches, hard to find the wrong container if there is only one with several hundred feet. However, if the caches are 300 or 400 foot away it would seem lunlikely someone will find it while looking for a different one.
As for knowing better from Groundspeak, nope sure don't. But I do know when such things are asked in the forums, the answers tend to explain it as possiable to have stages closer than .1 IF they are part of the same cache. For example


IowaAdmin said...

Welch, I'm responding to this comment in a new post (June 18). Thanks for the question.