Saturday, June 03, 2006

Requesting archives

I just checked email and see that I have 11 messages for "Should be archived" notices on caches -- and they're all from the same geocacher. I know this person probably has good intentions, but it's just kind of frustrating to see one person post so many at one time. I'll look at each one, but I also like to wait a few days before taking any action to see if the cache owners take it upon themselves to reply to the request, either by archiving the cache themselves or by posting a note that they will perform maintenance.


NebrCacher said...

Personally, I have been frustrated at times with reviewers who don't take active stances on caches that have been disabled a long time. Nebraska's new reviewer has provided a great service by taking upon him/herself to actively seek out disabled caches with pocket queries and alert cache owners that if they don't fix their cache within a certain amount of time, it will be archived. Sometimes reviewers will allow an archive request pass for a few MONTHS. I know that there might be some behind the scenes communication between reviewers and cache owners, but once an archive request is made and if there is no reply from the cache owner within a respectable time frame (let's say two weeks), the reviewer should take it upon him/herself to archive the page.

IowaAdmin said...

I think it's great that Nebraska's new reviewer is chasing down inactive caches by doing pocket queries. Here in Iowa, the situation is slightly different because we have an active official geocachers organization - IGO - with an elected board of directors. They have been very good about posting SBA or "needs maintenance" notices to draw them to my attention. Once they do, I flag the email and then give it several days to give the owner a chance to respond. If he or she does not respond, I recheck all those flagged emails every few weeks, then archive the ones where there has been no corrective action.