Saturday, July 22, 2006

Another nice note

I received this nice note from an Iowa geocacher. Thanks. Comments like this serve as a reminder that the purpose of reviewing geocaches is a service -- to keep the sport fun for the most people possible.
Good Grief! Ref: Kaboom That was quick!
Thanks a lot. You do such a great job for all of us out here in cache land. We really appreciate you!


cydriver said...

I am also amazed at the sheer numbers of caches you are reviewing in Iowa this summer. I just started geocaching at Christmas and I only receive new notification of caches within 50 miles of my home, but when I look at the list of new caches in Iowa, I see you are very, very busy. Thanks!

muffkin42 X 2 said...

Dear IA Admin,
Want to Thank you so much for all your help!! You do such a GREAT job and so quick!! I couldn't believe the last few Caches you've OKed for me have been within a hour or so, UNLESS I did something wrong.. :-( I don't intend to do that, but anyway... THANKS for ALL your help..

BCNU down the road.. AND
"Keep On, Cachin' On"

Muffkin42 X 2
Ron & Carol