Sunday, July 30, 2006

Those Jeep travel bugs

Windchill wrote to me today and suggested that I post an update on what I know about this summer's Jeep travel bug distribution. So, here's what I know. Groundspeak (the company that runs has posted a note in the Reviewer's forum saying that any reviewer who wants to distribute Jeeps to geocachers in their areas should let them know. I didn't see the post until recently so I put in a request for about 60 to 80 Jeeps because that's what I received in past years. Another more recent post says that the first round of shipments have been mailed out, with another round coming soon.

Additionally, this year there was a mail-in request form process to give everyone an equal chance to receive a Jeep Travel Bug directly from Groundspeak. All you had to do was fill out a form and mail it in. Anyone who did so within the first two weeks (approx) of the sign-up period "will definitely get one" according to Groundspeak (despite what the form says). I've heard that some individual geocachers are already receiving theirs directly from Groundspeak.

If I wasn't too late to get me request in and I do get a shipment this year, I'll forward them to IGO board members for distribution to Iowa geocachers.


RedheadBasset said...

We received our Green Jeep Travel Bug in the mail today. We just sent the request a little over a week ago so we weren't sure we'd get one. We'll be placing it soon in the Ames/Story County area.

jestjuggle said...

Some New England geocachers have already gotten theirs. We didn't hear about the form until it was too late. Soon we can find them in caches and take a closer look at one. Can't wait to take a picture of one with the Jeep Golden Eagle.

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