Sunday, October 08, 2006

Maggie Potts

It's been nice to see geocachers step up and adopt several of Maggie Potts' geocaches, after her unfortunate passing away. The IGO board asked how might be the best way to handle the adoptions, and we agreed to archive her old ones and create new listings with the same names. This give geocachers added incentive to revisit these caches.

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WindChill said...

On behalf of the IGO, thank you for your support on this Ken. And thanks to the great Iowa Geocachers who offered to adopt the caches. I was surprised at how many people offered. Several people offered to adopt more than one cache.

All of Maggies caches have been adopted. Three of the five that were active have already been "transfered" to the new owners. The other two should happen shortly.

The IGO is planning to host a little event a little later this fall/winter to remember Maggie. We are also working on a memorial cache in a location that her family says was one of her favorites.