Monday, October 15, 2007

Geocache series in the Upper Mississippi River Refuge

For some time now, geocaches have not been permitted to be placed in the Upper Mississippi River Wildlife Refuge (at the request of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service). This weekend as I was checking the location of two recently submitted geocaches to see if they were inside boundaries of the Refuge, I went to the UMR Wildlife Refuge web site to check the maps that show the boundaries, and I discovered that Fish & Wildlife staff have create their own series of virtural geocaches there. You can check out this fun and informative series here. To make this series available to geocachers who may not be aware of it, I wrote to the F&WL staff today to see if they're interested in having their series listed as a multicache, with the final physical cache located at their office in Winona. I received a reply from Cindy Samples this evening, so we'll be discussing how she can set up the series as a multicache. Meanwhile, you can get a head start on this series by checking out the Upper Mississippi web site.


lizs said...

Hey Ken, this is already a geocache series:

Also, on another note - the one that brought me here - Can I use your group photo taken at the WI picnic for my column? Would love to show just how many "crazies" (LOL) geocache. And, how would I credit it? If you want your full name, zap me an e-mail at Otherwise, we would use "Submitted photo."

I downloaded it on the computer when I first saw it posted here, to have personally, but have done nothing else with it. I see it's good, high quality.

Is that OK? Let me know ASAP, thanks! Give me your address and I'd send you a paper, too!


IowaAdmin said...

I sent Liz an e-mail to reply in the affirmative.