Monday, October 22, 2007

Nike+ My newest outdoor gadget

This doesn't have much to do with geocaching other than the fact that it's another cool outdoor gadget (which I know all you geocachers can appreciate). Have you heard of Nike+? It's a system that consists of a sensor/transmitter that fits into the sole of your running shoe, a receiver that connects with your iPod Nanno, and the software that runs the system. Then when you run, a voice gives you feedback about how fast you're going, how far and for how long you've gone. The iPod records your running data, which then uploads to the Nike+ web site when you plug it into your computer and the web site plots a graph of your run. And all this while you listen to your favorite running songs! After trying it today for the first time, I have to say it's pretty darn cool! Here's my graph from today's run. (By the way, my wife is laughing at my extreme geekiness as I write this.)


welch said...

Ok tell Nike to create a version that can tell me how far to the geocache and I'll finally buy an ipod ;)

Vicky said...

Me too. I want geocache info, no running happening here. lol

IowaAdmin said...

After my initial positive impression of Nike+, I should report that I returned the unit and got my money back. For some reason, the battery in the sensor unit (which is not replaceable or rechargeable) died prematurely -- twice. The sensor is the part of the system that fits into a slot inside your shoe. It's supposed to last approximately 1,000 hours of running or walking, but two times mine lasted only a few hours before going dead. The friendly folks at the shoe store where I bought the system were willing to exchange the sensor for me the first time. I didn't ask them for an exchange the second time. I simply had them refund my purchase price. Oh well, I still have my iPod music to motivate me during my daily run.