Sunday, December 23, 2007

Over the river and through the woods... Grandmother's house we go. Or at least we tried to go today. We're on our way to Grandma's for Christmas but because of the blowing snow and icy roads, we're spending the night in a hotel in Dysersville, Ia. Not what we had in mind when we left home this morning, but all in all, not a bad place to be considering what it was like out there on the highways today. We'll continue our travels during the daylight hours tomorrow and, hopefully, make it the rest of the way to western Iowa. And yes, I did check to see if there are any geocaches around here. It turns out there is one less than .1 mile from our hotel. But it's kinda chilly out there right now -- something like 5 degrees with a wind chill well below zero, so I think I'll stay right where I am and watch Sunday Night Football with my family. Merry Christmas to you and yours. I hope everyone you care about is safe and warm tonight.


Joshua said...

Less than .1 mile away!? And you call yourself a geocacher.

IowaAdmin said...

Ha! You're right. The thought of it there got the better of me this morning, so I just now walked over to try to find it. But no luck. Way too much snow has drifted in. I guess they got about 8" of snow here yesterday. Oh well. Onward.