Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Okoboji event

Thanks to everyone who attended my Waterlogged at Okoboji event! It turned out to be a very windy day this past Saturday so I didn't know whether to expect anyone to show up on the water, but three intrepid boatloads of geocachers did show up despite the cool temperatures and treacherous waves. Davy Duck, who lives closest to the event, boated the longest distance -- from East Lake Okoboji. Other floating geocachers were present from Webster City and from Minneapolis. I was the lone manually powered boater -- paddling out in my sea kayak (equipped with proper safety equipment, including PFD, spray skirt, wetsuit and dry shell). Mary had started the voyage with me but she decided to turn back because of the conditions, so I escorted her most of the way back before heading out once again. I had my GPSR mounted on the deck of my kayak in a waterpoof pouch but I couldn't read the display because of the waves that were washing across the deck, so instead of using my GPSR to navigate to the coordinates, I simply headed for the three boats that were bobbing around on the lake. When I got close enough, I shouted that it was too rough for me to try to hand out coins out there on the water and that I would meet them at the parking coordinates. I turned around and enjoyed the quick ride back to shore with the wind and waves pushing me all the way. Safely back on land, Mary and I enjoyed meeting the boating and non-boating geocachers who were waiting there.

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