Thursday, May 22, 2008

What's up with Scott County Park?

One of the most geocache-saturated pieces of land in Iowa is Scott County Park. It seems like every week someone is submitting a new geocache for that park. Just when I think another new cache couldn't be wedged in sideways, another one is submitted. So what's up with this park? What makes it a geocache magnet?

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Tom said...

Well, being responsible (my guess) for about 1/2 of those pins, I have say that that photo is a thing of beauty!:) Seriously, this is a heavily-wooded park in many areas with large natural prairie as well and lots of trails. Before I geocached I had no idea of what was here. Number one in reasons, I suppose, would be the open attitude of the park manager. Let us hope we can use this as an example of sustainable harmony for our state park rangers.