Sunday, October 03, 2010

The end of new FTF series caches

In the past, a few geocachers have criticized me for being more strict than other reviewers -- at least that's the way they saw it. As evidence to the contrary, let me point out that I have been more liberal than other reviewers regarding FTF (first to find) series caches. These are caches that require or suggest that the person who is FTF such a cache is "strongly urged" to continue the series by hiding a similar one in the same area. I have been approving such caches as long as they made it clear that placing another cache was not a requirement. However, I am no longer going to publish new FTF cache series because of clarification that Groundspeak has issued. Essentially the requirement or suggestion to place another cache has been judged to be an ALR (additional logging requirement) so volunteer reviewers have been instructed to no longer approve them. I just wanted to give Iowa geocachers a heads-up: I will no longer be publishing such caches.


Beavis said...

Thank you for finally putting an end to this. Now, what about earthcaches and the requirement that most owners demand that you post a picture of yourself. I don't like the idea of putting a picture of myself or my kids on the internet. I would appreciate it if you would outlaw this particular type of cache also. After all, if you see one rock or mosquito filled bog you've seen them all.

JeePSer said...

But other "challenge" caches that are against the ALR rules are okay?