Saturday, December 01, 2007

Winter is here

Sometimes I think I can tell what the weather is like without venturing outside, looking out the window or looking at a radar image. All I have to do is check the review queue to see how many new geocaches have been submitted. So far today, for example, there were only four new caches submitted (only one of which could be approved so far, pending a couple of issues that need to be fixed for the others). The reason for this relatively low number is most likely the snow storm that's sweeping the upper Midwest. Pretty easy to understand that people don't want to place caches during inclement weather. Most people, anyway. I think we all know at least a couple of geocachers who don't let a little thing like Mother Nature slow them down.


Norm Rogers said...

Winter's arrived here in the Twin Cities also. Never been geocaching in the snow but we may try it today. Didn't dare to go out yesterday. It would have changes all the hides to five & five. I put a link to your post on my blog at

sfwife said...

A great reason to live in Florida!

IowaAdmin said...

But if we lived in Florida we wouldn't be able to look forward to going there for vacation!